Sigal Medco


Welcome to Sigal Medco

Sigal Medco was established in 1999 and start export business successfully in 2008. We produce Surgical, Dental, Surgical Single Use, Hollowware and Beauty Instruments. We are manufacturing instruments in a high quality controlled under the super vision of high qualified engineers/ professional to satisfy our customers.

The Quality Management system has been properly implemented and is successfully working at all production stages. We carry out all the necessary tests, inspections and process control activities to ensure that there is no problem with the instruments performance.

The Technical Specifications are provided for more understanding of the products and to improve the confidence of the customers.

Samples and prices can be obtained on demand. Delivers of the orders are ensured within time. Although this website doesn't cover all the range of our offering instruments, Yet it assures you that we can make every type of tools. So we will welcome your all inquiries, also for your required instruments which have not been listed in this website.